Application Process

1. An applicant (the child of fatally injured or permanently and totally disabled worker) or other interested party may contact Kids’ Chance of Ohio or a Kids’ Chance Board Member to inquire about scholarship availability and the application process.

2. Kids’ Chance of Ohio will provide a scholarship information packet including the following:

Kids’ Chance Scholarship Fact Sheet

Kids’ Chance Scholarship Application Form

3. The applicant and his/her parent/guardian/representative must complete the application form and return the completed application along with additional supporting documents to Kids’ Chance. Please see the application form for required supporting documentation.

4. A preliminary review of the application by Kids’ Chance of Ohio Board will be made to determine the completeness of the Application. If the Application is not complete, additional necessary information will be requested of the applicant. The Application will not be considered as received until all necessary information is received.

5. The Kids’ Chance Board will request that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation provide verification of the eligibility of the applicant.

6. Once the eligibility of the applicant has been verified by The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Kids’ Chance Board will perform a review of the application and will confirm the accuracy of information provided.

7. Kids’ Chance Board of Directors will consider all applications of confirmed eligible applicants and, after reviewing the students’ applications, will make a final determination as to whether an award is to be made and the amount of the award. Scholarships are awarded for an annual period, (either by academic or calendar year). 

8. Kids’ Chance of Ohio Board of Directors will notify the applicant as to his/her award and the procedure to be followed to receive the scholarship award amount.
9. The scholarship recipient will be required to provide Kids’ Chance with timely documentation of satisfactory academic/educational performance (quarterly or semester grade reports) in order to continue to receive the scholarship award.


 Online Scholarship Form

Click to Download the Scholarship Application